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June 09, 2008

Jackson On Obama, Civil Rights Movement

The link below is to a recent interview with Jesse Jackson. Is Obama the first post-civil rights leader?

For nearly half a century, Rev. Jesse Jackson has ranked as America's most ubiquitous civil rights crusader, working alongside Martin Luther King Jr., founding Operation PUSH, demanding equality from corporate America and twice making credible runs for the presidency. Now a younger African-American leader has won the Democratic nomination, and many Americans wonder whether that means the civil rights movement has finally achieved its goals.

Jackson, 66, recently sat down for a conversation. This is an edited transcript.

Q: Where does Sen. Barack Obama fit in the history of the civil rights movement? Is he the culmination of that movement?

A: Today someone said to me, "You know, Barack is the first post-civil rights leader." I said, "Really?" He said, "He's not attached to those civil rights days." I said, "He's a direct descendant of it, a direct beneficiary of it!"


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